Monarch Adult Program


After graduating from the school age program, young adults (18+) become trainees in the Monarch Day Program, and can participate in three different levels of study focusing on daily living skills, social skills, and job preparation. Our goal is to help young adults gain useful, real-life job experiences and become more independent so that they may excel in today’s world.

Life Centered Education (LCE) focuses on building a foundation for independent living. These skills include reading, time, money, banking, job preparation, meal planning, shopping, meal preparation, self-help skills, internet and community safety, and housekeeping.

Work Based Learning (WBL) includes job preparation, daily living skills, functional academics, and non-paid internships. MLC partners with local companies to provide opportunities. Madonna trainees spend time at each business to learn job skills in a variety of settings. Trainees rotate every semester, to learn more employable skills, but also to build rapport with employers and coworkers and establish letters of reference. The goal of WBL is to ease the transition between work and school while reinforcing life and job skills.

Continuing Education Classes (CEC) is a full or part-time program designed to accommodate adults that have graduated from MLC or other area schools. They can continue services with programs in Art, music, book studies, community service, marketing, and self advocacy. Creating market products such as food, jewelry and pottery helps trainees with valuable job skills while circuit training, yoga and PE classes help keep them healthy and active. Many adults in the CEC work part-time positions and attend the classes on their days off. Be sure check out our Monarch Market and see our art and meals for purchase, .