History of the MLC Baseball Club


Our founder, Sister Mary Mark, was a huge fan of baseball. She recognized that if the school were to succeed, we would need the support of the community. So she started a way for baseball fans to support the school and our student’s need for physical education. 

In 1976 the MLC Baseball Club was born.

Members agreed to donate $1 or more for every game that the Redbirds won (then called the Memphis Blues baseball team).


Today, the Memphis Redbirds are our home team, and our students and alumni love to attend games just like they did over 40 years ago!

Our Redbirds season is in full swing this year. They are facing division rivalries, familiar foes and new opponents!  

If you are new, please join our Baseball Club and sign up today on the form below. I know Sister Mary Mark is praying, along with Madonna and our Memphis Redbirds fans, for a great winning season!

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