Order Today!

Order your holiday turkey, turkey breast, ham, ribs, boston butt, and cakes today! 

Support Our Cheer Team

Madonna is happy to be hosting a special fundraiser for our Cheer team!

From our Squad Parent Volunteer:

“Look at that team who rocked the ECS football game in October!! From my seat at the game, I saw a cheer team that deserves to dress like a cheer team with uniforms and pom-poms!  

Let’s “kick off” our uniform fundraising campaign at the MLC Holiday Market this Saturday with Corky’s fundraising campaign. Detailed information about the fundraiser will be sent home from school today.  

This is a popular fundraiser and easy to post on your social media pages promoting to your friends, family and co-workers. 

All Thanksgiving orders need to be turned in by November 15th for pick up on November 22nd. Just in time for Thanksgiving AND we will be taking orders for a second delivery (Dec 16th) for Christmas and New Year’s celebrations.

Picture this………….our son or daughter’s face when they try on their new legit MLC Cheer uniform and shake their own pom-poms!?! Yep, let’s sell some Corky’s and make this happen!!”

Julie Olsen (WBL) (Katie’s Mom)