Move Your Way For Madonna!

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Join Madonna Learning Center and move your way to a healthier lifestyle! Physical activity is critical for everyone to stay healthy. It nourishes our mind, body and soul! We ALL need this now more than ever. Together We Can - Join our MOVEment today! 

Invite your families, friends, co-workers, pets... and together, let's get MOVING!! 

Join or Support a Team Today! 

Here’s a few suggestions on fun ways to get moving while maintaining social distancing:

  • Lift Your Spirits by lifting weights
  • Push Onward by doing push-ups
  • Ride It Out by riding your bike
  • Breathe Through It by doing deep breathing and yoga 
  • Jump for Your Health by jumping rope 

For all of us, the value of physical activity and proper nutrition are instrumental to good health. However, they can be life changing for children and adults with special needs. Our students and trainees are often born with low muscle tone and other physical challenges along with cognitive and emotional issues. These issues may lead to decreased activity and poor nutritional habits. Join us as we get moving towards being healthier and stronger!

How will your Moving help us?

Let's Get Moving!!

2020 Move for Madonna: Thank You!