Movement Class addresses four areas of development: physiological, emotional, social, and cognitive. They explore and create their own dances, copy movement patterns and experience the joy of self expression while developing important neurological brain-body connections, Yoga is incorporated into our movement classes in order to improve body awareness, core strength and the body-mind connection.



Jenn received her Bachelor's in Fine Arts from from, The University of Memphis, in Dance and Theatre - Cum Laude, and was awarded a dance scholarship. She received her yoga certification from Asheville Yoga Center.  Jenn has been at been at Madonna Learning Center since 2015. Before MLC, Jenn was on the Memphis Arts Council, and subbed in schools from Memphis to Colorado. Jenn loves dancing!! She also enjoys cheese, spinach and smoothies. Jenn says Madonna is her happy place. She loves being greeted by such smiles and love.