After School Programs

After School Programs

After-School programs are online and ready for registration. You can register and pay by following the link HERE .

Any questions about after school programs, you can contact the school office 901-752-5767.

Madonna Learning Center offers a variety of after school programs which enhance our core daily academic offerings through the expressive arts. The following classes are offered once a week:


This class is gentle and healing with a mixture of stretching, resistance, balance, movement, and relaxation. The experience is fun and for all levels.


Students try out to join the MLC Cheer Team then practice once a week after school. Cheer allows them to improve their muscular strength, flexibility, and range of motion while learning various cheers, a dance, and some light tumbling and stunting. Our Cheer Team can be seen all over town cheering for local high schools, the Grizzlies, Memphis Red Birds and more! Cheer helps our students not only improve their physical abilities but boosts their confidence as well!


Students use dance as a way to express their emotions through creative movement. Ribbons and hula hoops allow students to stretch and strengthen muscles while exploring different styles of dance. 


Students utilize our fitness center which includes treadmills, stationary bikes, free weights, and more with a trained fitness instructor. 


Students explore different art mediums including pottery, watercolor, canvas art, and more! They are encouraged to let their creativity flow while following along with our art instructor. 

Soccer Shots:

The Empower Program provides children with disabilities a safe place to learn and grow. It encourages social development, participation, and fun through the game of soccer. The program and curriculum are built around a continuum of multisensory-strategies, and we provide a progression of activities to gain confidence, balance, movement and basic soccer skills. Empower encourages the use of visuals and participant helpers and can be modified to accommodate children’s needs. We celebrate participation, growth and having fun each week!