Life Centered Education -Focuses on building a foundation for independent living. These skills include reading, time, money, banking, job preparation, meal planning, shopping, meal preparation, self-help skills, internet and community safety, and housekeeping.

Becky Stanley - LCE Supervisor

OCU 0968

Becky received her Bachelors of Science and her Masters in Special Education from the University of Memphis. Becky is in her 5th year at Madonna Learning Center. Before MLC, she taught at Bolton High School in the Special Education Program for 11 years. She is married to Dr. Paul Stanley, has three sons and one daughter. They also have 11 grandchildren, 5 boys and 6 girls. Becky enjoys creating whole food plant based recipes, enjoying spending time with grandchildren, publishing plant based recipe books, and sewing items for grandchildren. Becky loves encouraging trainees to use their God-given gifts and abilites. 

Theresa Krug, R.N. - Assistant Supervisor

OCU 0960

Theresa is a graduate from Baptist Hospital School of Nursing. She has been at Madonna Learning Center for 15 years. Before working at MLC, Theresa worked as a nurse, 10 years in ICU, and 10 years early intervention, birth to 3 years. Theresa has 4 children and 6 grandchildren. She enjoys knitting, crosstitch, and cooking. Her favorite foods are Italian and Mexican. Theresa loves the fact that Madonna Learning Center is one big family and all employees work together for the good of our students. 

Ashley Strawn - Assistant Supervisor

OCT 0467

Ashley attented Northwest Community College, earning a General Education Assiciates Degree. She also attended Delta State University, where she studied Elementary Education. Ashley has worked at MLC for three years. She has also been a teacher at the Madonna Learning Center summer camp as the Yoga instructor. Ashley has been the Art Teacher at Camp Widiwager. She has an adorable dog named Lolita Bonita Strawn. Her hobbies include yoga, doodling, and organizing. She enjoys Mac & Cheese, Mempops, and Monster Rehab Tea.  Ashley loves watching MLC grow. Her sister began attending MLC, 23 years ago, and she loves seeing the impact it has made in her family as well as the Memphis Community. Ashley loves working at a school that empowers her to find a way to adapt every lesson so that all students are includced and able to succeed.