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Faculty and Staff

The foundation - and heart - of every well-performing school is the professional faculty and administration who give selflessly to ensure that their students flourish academically and socially. Our staff includes: 


Jo Gilbert - Executive Director

Rebekah BruceProgram Director

Carrie Roberts - Development Director 

Keva Ford - Administrative Assistant

Cynthia Salem - Fiscal Manager

Lisa Abart - Communications 

Greg Strawn - Building Engineer

Classroom Teachers:

Theresa Murray - Group 1

Kristen Gilbert  - Group 2

Susan Harlan - Group 3

Megan Dwyer -  Group 4

Rebecca Davis - Junior High  

Sandy McCormick - Senior High

Adult Program Staff:

Susan Bryant

Kay Hardin 

Theresa Krug, R.N. 

Jenni McCaskey 

Kim Nielsen 

Becky Stanley

Therapist Staff:

Occupational Therapist:  

Kristin Hare  

Speech-language Pathologists: 

Lacy Wray & Hannah Reed

Behavior Specialist:

Kate McDonald


Natalie Harmeier 


Amy Goldkin

Physical Education:

Jake Edwards

Movement & Yoga:

Jenn King 

Celebration Troupe:

Lisa Abart

Camp Fly High Director:

Kristen Gilbert 


Teaching Assistants:

Sharlene Venkanna

Reatha Keith

Denise Stetson

Morgan Pittman

Jennifer Kacic

Christine Morrow

Cathy Hoag 

Rosemary Batts

Theresa Krug - School Nurse, R.N. 

Ashely Strawn

Manjit Kaur 


Madonna Learning Center provides a nurturing faith-based educational and social environment that empowers young and adult students with special needs to reach their full potential while offering support to their families.