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After School Program

The Madonna Learning Center offers Kaleidoscope, our After School Program, which enhances our core daily academic offerings through the expressive arts. The following classes are offered once a week and include: 

Visual Arts:

Visual arts are an important part of our programming. Visual arts encourage creative expression, allowing each student to develop increased self-esteem through participation in the art-making process. We focus on painting, collage, printmaking, ceramics and sculpture. Student artwork is also available for purchase; for more information please see Artsonia.



Our yoga program was introduced in 2010 and has been a very favorable addition. We have observed very beneficial results from the practice – yoga helps students with their posture, balance, speech and breathing. 


Students in the drama class experience a genuinely unique experience. They are taught to explore feelings, emotions and real-life situations using poetry, movement and short drama scenes. The classes provide a foundation for students to express their imagination and provide the ability to relate to the peers in new ways.


Students are able to enjoy a real dance studio right here at Madonna Learning Center equipped with mirrors, ballet bars, and hard wood floors. Dance improves muscular strength, flexibility and range of motion. Dance also boosts coordination and balance while correcting poor alignment.

Seasonal Sports Play: 

Another new addition to our after school programming is seasonal sports play. A growing body of research literature finds that in addition to improved physical health, sport plays a primarily positive role in youth development, including improved academic achievement, higher self-esteem, fewer behavioral problems, and better psychosocial. Adult Program Supervisor, Jenni McCaskey and Group 2 assistant Morgan Pittman, will be coordinating and facilitating this exciting new program. 

For more information or to sign up for our after school programming, click here

We also have a partnership with the Exceptional Foundation.  For more information, see additional information here.

Madonna Learning Center provides a nurturing faith-based educational and social environment that empowers young and adult students with special needs to reach their full potential while offering support to their families.