Sandy McCormick - Teacher

OCT 0390

Sandy Attended the University of North Florida. She has been teaching at Madonna Learning Center for 5 years. Before teaching at MLC, Sandy tought at St. Francis Catholic School and the Bowie Day School.  Sandy has four Children and one grandaughter. She loves horses and photography. Sandy enjoys Italian food, smoothies, chicken salad sandwiches and fruit! Sandy loves the low student to teacher ratio at MLC and the high expectations for the students that are given with love and respect. She adores the joy that the students have being at Madonna Learning Center. 

Yvonne Little - Teaching Assistant

OCT 0624

Yvonne has been at Madonna Learning Center for 5 years. Before MLC, Yvonne worke at Hope Prebyterian in the 3-5 year old inclusion class and with the 18mo -5 year olds. Yvonne has one son. Her hobbies include reading, yoga, and walking. She enjoys Indian Food, Smoothies, Mexican Food and fruit. Yvonne adores the family atmosphere at Madonna Learning Center. She never feels like she is at 'work'. The students are wonderful, loving happy, funny, and bring so much joy. Madonna Learning Center holds the highest expectaitions for all students and never gives up finding ways for the students to reach their highest potential. 

Ashley Strawn - Teaching Assistant

OCT 0467

Ashley attented Northwest Community College, earning a General Education Assiciates Degree. She also attended Delta State University, where she studied Elementary Education. Ashley has worked at MLC for three years. She has also been a teacher at the Madonna Learning Center summer camp as the Yoga instructor. Ashley has been the Art Teacher at Camp Widiwager. She has an adorable dog named Lolita Bonita Strawn. Her hobbies include yoga, doodling, and organizing. She enjoys Mac & Cheese, Mempops, and Monster Rehab Tea.  Ashley loves watching MLC grow. Her sister began attending MLC, 23 years ago, and she loves seeing the impact it has made in her family as well as the Memphis Community. Ashley loves working at a school that empowers her to find a way to adapt every lesson so that all students are includced and able to succeed.

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